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Why use saville psychometric assessments?

Welcome to the 21st century…

Saville Consulting’s Wave personality assessment is the most significant advance in assessment in thirty years. Professor Peter Saville, formerly of SHL, and his team of 40 experts spent two years developing the Saville suite of assessments to bring you the most accurate, valid and predictive assessments to date.
8 key reasons that we partner with Saville assessments ….

1. Better prediction

Leveraging off extensive validation research, the Wave personality assessment is a measure of job performance rather than personality in general. Boasting a 0.57 correlation with job performance, the Wave personality assessment now rivals ability assessments, enabling users to make more confident and accurate selection decisions.

2. Greater precision

Without adding any administrative time, the Wave assessment provides a much higher definition assessment than traditional personality questionnaires. Wave Professional Styles drills down to 36 dimensions and 108 facets of personality to maximise understanding of Individual’s work style.

3. Confident selection decisions

We know that making the wrong selection decision is costly. The Saville suite of ability and personality assessments ensure you make an informed decision regarding candidate role suitability, their strengths and potential areas for development. Unsupervised and supervised assessments provide flexibility for screening out and selecting in.

4. Work-relevant

Utilising work-relevant language, the Wave personality assessment has been constructed to reflect work-relevant behaviours. The Saville suite of ability assessments are offered in parallel forms to ensure their relevance to specific industries.

5. Improve retention through culture matching

The Wave assessment identifies ‘best fit’ environments based on a comprehensive understanding of preferred culture.

6. Online delivery

Saville Consulting’s robust, secure online delivery platform deploys both personality and ability assessments in a supervised or unsupervised format.

7. Identify talent and potential

Only the Wave personality assessment is capable of assessing Talent and Motive (potential) at the same time. Understand what an individual is good at and what they are motivated to do.

8. Advanced technology

Dynamic scoring and sophisticated algorithms enable shorter assessment times with greater accuracy. The dynamic normative and ipsative format provides transparency and the ability to hone in on specific scales where candidates may have exaggerated or been self-critical.